June 15, 2024 | Logansport, Indiana 

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BBQ Competition


Please read the following BEFORE filling out our registration form. Once you submit this form, an electronic message will be sent to the Squeal on the Eel organizers AND you will be redirected to Eventbrite to pay your team’s registration fee of $250.00.

The total purse for the contest is set at $5,000. The purse will be paid out as follows: 

Grand Champ $700, Trophy

Reserve Champ $500, Trophy

1st Place: $300 (ribs) and $300 (chicken)

2nd Place: $275 (ribs) and $275 (chicken)

3rd Place: $250 (ribs) and $250 (chicken)

4th Place$225 (ribs) and $225 (chicken)

5th Place$200 (ribs) and $200 (chicken)

6th Place$175 (ribs) and $175 (chicken)

7th Place$150 (ribs) and $150 (chicken)

8th Place$125 (ribs) and $125 (chicken)

9th Place$100 (ribs) and $100 (chicken)

10th Place$100 (ribs) and $100 (chicken)

2024 Winners

RankTeam NameTotal
1Sermerstout BBQ348.5372
2VanHoozen BBQ347.4288
3Berkee Raes BBQ346.3088
5DEAD SWINE343.3828
6Porkasaurus Rex BBQ341.6800
7Diddy's Delectable 3BQ340.0460
8Hoosier BBQ337.1088
9Smoky J's335.4060
10Liberty Call Smoke Shack334.2516
BackyardTeam NameTotal
1Sermerstout BBQ177.7028
2Berkee Raes BBQ176.5600
3Get Your Butt Over Here BBQ174.2972
4Porkasaurus Rex BBQ173.7028
5Diddy's Delectable 3BQ172.5944
6VanHoozen BBQ172.5716
7Diddy's Delectable 3BQ171.4056
8DEAD SWINE170.8112
9Smoky J's170.2628
10Liberty Call Smoke Shack167.4172
11Smokey D's Woo Wee BBQ167.3712
12Backdraft BBQ
131320 Q165.7028
14Hoosier BBQ165.0972
15Old Gold and BBQ160.5484
16Hanner's Butt & Brew159.9772
17Tank's BBQ159.4628
18FLASH'S BBQ158.2172
19Bo Bo BBQ155.9656
21Holy Smokes151.9200
22The Neighborhood Tavern151.3944
23Dos 33151.3828
24Taylor Bay151.3716
25Smokey Broo's BBQ150.8572
26Zee Company146.2512
27Monster Pit BBQ145.0512
28Boiler BBQ20.0000
BackyardTeam NameTotal
1VanHoozen BBQ174.8572
2DEAD SWINE176.5600
4Hoosier BBQ172.0116
5Sermerstout BBQ170.8344
6Berkee Raes BBQ169.7488
7Boiler BBQ169.1428
8Smoky J's167.9888
9Porkasaurus Rex BBQ167.9772
10Diddy's Delectable 3BQ167.4516
11Liberty Call Smoke Shack163.9888
12Smokey D's Woo Wee BBQ162.8116
13Backdraft BBQ159.9428
14Hoosier BBQ159.9428
15Taylor Bay155.9544
16Hanner's Butt & Brew154.2628
17Old Gold and BBQ153.6916
18Dos 33153.6572
19Zee Company151.4172
20Smokey Broo's BBQ150.8000
21Get Your Butt Over Here BBQ151.9200
221320 Q149.1084
24Taylor Bay147.4172
25Tank's BBQ146.2400
26FLASH'S BBQ145.1316
27Monster Pit BBQ145.0628
28The Neighborhood Tavern20.0000


We are very excited to have you participating in the 3rd annual Squeal on the Eel Festival!  This festival is all about delicious BBQ, awesome music and having a great time!

Before signing this form, please take some time to fully review the competition rules and the terms of the festival. Please understand that this is a KCBS Amateur Backyard BBQ event. 

Please familiarize yourself with these venue-specific rules

  • Follow KCBS rule #13 if you have sauce you would like to include with your entry.

  • All meat will be provided by the festival. No outside meat allowed.

  • Lottery system for the meat; meat will be on display before hand out

  • Officially Judged Categories: Chicken and Ribs

  • Electricity should be available, but is not guaranteed

  • Quiet generators are allowed (will shut down if too loud or if there are complaints)

  • Contestant provides their own outdoor extension cords

  • Pre-marked/assigned area will be approximately 10′ wide by 20′ long

  • Metal trash cans provided for ashes. MUST USE

  • Team must provide working fire extinguisher for area

  • Team area must be clean at end of contest. Do not burn grass!

  • Teams responsible for all their own needs, no help provided for load in or load out

  • Per city ordinance, no alcohol is allowed in the BBQ area.

  • YOU are responsible for your team and/or your guest’s actions.

  • All decisions by judges are final


Please remember: this festival is for charity!

Register now!

Anyone can apply. However, if you are already registered with the Kansas City Barbeque Society, please enter your KCBS number in the field provided so that points can be tracked and awarded.

General admission tickets for up to four individuals are included in the $250.00 registration fee. You may have more than four members on your team, but those individuals must purchase a separate ticket to the festival HERE.

Once you click “Register,” your registration will be sent electronically to the Squeal on the Eel organizers AND you will be redirected to Eventrbrite to pay your team's $250.00 entry fee.